Who can install the TermX Replenishment System?
The certified installer is trained and is fully responsible for the termite barrier.
Where was the TermX Replenishment System designed?
It was designed in Australia for Australian conditions and termite pressures.
Can we have the TermX Replenishment System installed around our already existing home?
Yes.  Due to the simplicity of installation, the TermX Replenishment System is ideally suited to this situation.
Can we have TermX Replenishment System installed in a planned new building?
Yes.  TermX is ideally suited to new building structures – with its unique wrap around pipe system, excellent concentration of chemical into ‘hot-spots’ is achieved.
Can the TermX Replenishment System be used around structures other than dwellings?
Yes.  TermX can be used around any structural and non-structural items that require periodic protection from termite attack e.g. utility poles, fence lines, pergolas, etc.
What is soil subsidence?
Soil subsidence is a common phenomenon that occurs under concrete slabs when, over time, soil ‘subsides’ away from the concrete, forming an air pocket between soil and concrete.
Is TermX able to treat surfaces under slabs where soil subsidence has occurred?
Yes. The TermX Replenishment System is the only system in the world that has the patented foaming capability which will treat the undersides of slabs exposed when soil subsidence has occurred.
How long will the TermX Replenishment System last?
Once TermX is installed correctly, it will last the life of the structure i.e. 50 years.
What are the advantages of the TermX Replenishment System?
  1. Targets termites at direct source of entry,
  2. Eliminates exposure and disruption to household members,
  3. No disruptive or invasive construction work required to retreat areas,
  4. Eradicates concerns of potential spray drift during termiticide treatment,
  5. Periodically replenishable system, and
  6. Environmentally friendly.