TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd warrants the TermX delivery system to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 50 years (or the life of the structure) from the date of product purchase.

This warranty is limited to TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd option to repair, or at TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd option, the replacement of any products proven to be faulty in manufacture or materials, with the same or equivalent product free of charge.  Labour charges, transportation and other costs associated with the replacement or re-installation of the parts or product are excluded from this warranty and will not be paid by TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd.

TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd assumes no liability under the warranty for the following:

  • Misuse, abuse, accidental or intentional damage.
  • Improper adjustment or operation by the installer, pest control operator or home owner.
  • Improper maintenance or installation. 
  • Inaccurate or incorrect chemical application.
  • Unauthorised repairs or modification to the TermX Replenishment System.
  • Use contrary to the instructions furnished by TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd.
  • Installation by unauthorised or non accredited installers.
  • Installation by employees or contractors of accredited installers (ie non accredited installers)
1.1 TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd warrants that for a period of 50 years form the date of purchase, the TermX Replenishment System:
  a) Will effectively apply and replenish termite control agents in accordance with manufacturer's labels;
  b) Will not damage the slab, structures or other services;
  c) Will not be damaged by the slab;
  d) Will not decompose or breakdown under the slab or in the soil.
Conditions & Exclusions

What TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd and the TermX Replenishment System Installer Company is not liable for under this warranty.

The benefits of the TermX Replenishment System Installer Company Warranty do not apply to:

2.1 Any claim in respect of any timber forming part of the premises where:
  a) the floor area of such permises has been extended or increased;
  b) the premises have been renovated, altered, restored or repaired in the areas of infestation or access by termites;
  if those areas have not been treated by the installion of a TermX Replenishment System by a TermX accredited installer to deter concealment entry by subterranean termite from  the soil to the building above the TermX Replenishment System.
2.2 Any claim arising out of a physical or chemical disruption to the system where such disruption is directly or indirectly the result of:
  a) The negligent or deliberate act or omission of the Builder, the Home Owner or any of their employees, agents or contractors;
  b) Any act of God, natural disaster, riot, civil commotion, war, undeclared hostilities, arson, vandalism or any other cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of the TermX Replenishment System or the TermX accredited installer company;
  c) Any liability of the Builder for damage to timber caused either directly or indirectly by the failure of any chemical used or applied to the system to perform consistent with the chemical manufacturer's published specifications;
  d) Any liability of the Builder for damage or loss which is caused or contributed to by any damage to timber, whether by termites or otherwise, including but not limited to loss of profits or other form of economic loss whatsoever.
2.3 a) Any claim in respect of damage by subterranean termite attack, where the regular inspections as per AS3660 have not taken place;
  b) Any claim arising from termite infestation through the concrete slab, or where the slab has not been constructed in accordance with AS 2870-1996, where the system installed is any system but the TermX Replenishment System that being full under slab;
  c) Any cliam arising from termite infestation through the penetrations, concrete slab, or where any termite infestation has occurred at any point excpt through the outside perimeter path where the TermX Replenishment System only is installed;
  d) Any claim where the home owner has increased the risk to the area of infestation or access by termites:
    i)   Building garden beds or landscaping or otherwise covering weep holes in the brickwork or structures of the premises;
    ii) Storing or allowing the accummulation of timber, refuse, firewood or other materials close to the premises;
    iii) Committing any other act or omission.
2.4 a) Any claim lodged more than 30 days after the builder/home owner becomes aware (or reasonably should have been aware) of any attack by termites;
  b) Any claim for the expenses of the builder and/or home owner in making a claim under this warranty.
Additional Information to the Builder and Home Owner
3.1 Any contract for the supply, installation, inspection and/or maintenance of the system exists only between the builder and the TermX Replenishment System company installer or licensee and not between the builder and TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd, unless TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd itself undertook such installation and is noted as the installation company.
3.2 Warranties for the protection of the structure are the responsibility of the Pest Management Professional undertaking the application of chemical treatments and the installation of the TermX Replenishment System.  TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd cannot warrant the protection of a structure for which it has not installed the TermX Replenishment System, or applied the chemical treatment or the systems continued maintenance.
3.3 To the extent permitted by law, TermX Replenishment System Pty Ltd shall not be liable to the purchaser, installer, pest control operator, home owner or any other person for any incidental or consequential financial or physical damages or losses arising howsoever and including but not limited, to damage from any defect, malfunction failure of any TermX product or components or chemicals used through the system.