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The use of advisor signs, in lieu of the mowing strip, will be at least as effective, or even more so, as a means of notification to the householder that a termite management system is in place around the external perimeter of the structure.  

The wall plates cannot be removed without damage to the surface on which they are attached and are readily replaced by the TermX inspectors during an inspection.  The wall plates are placed on each facing wall and would be seen when any person is working within the vicinity of the external perimeter.  They must not be anymore than 4-6 meters apart.  When placing them on the wall they are to be 30-70mm above the finished ground level.

Wall plates can be installed in lieu of a mowing strip.  These are available for purchase from your TermX Replenishment System Reseller such as Agserv Australia, Garrards Australia, Globe Australia.

The TermX Replenishment System is protected by mowing strip or advisory signs (see image below) fixed in close proximity to the barrier to prevent breaching and/or contamination of the chemical barrier.