When building new structures or dwellings, TermX Replenishment System is equally suited to protecting your investment.  Being made of a rigid and specially reinforced wall material specifically designed for this purpose, TermX is ideal for use under metal reinforcing, concrete slabs, and new construction.  TermX was built tough to take the hardest knocks dished out during pre-construction installation.  The TermX Replenishment System is the only system in the world that has the unique ability to have chemical foam put through it.  What does this mean to you?  During the process of a concrete slab settling after being poured, soil subsidence occurs i.e. the soil under the slab subsides away from the concrete, leaving gaps and voids.  Realising this, the designers at TermX developed the system to enable the application of foaming insecticides so that chemical can be carried to the upper surfaces that other systems cannot protect.  This is a world first brought to you by TermX Replenishment System!